TRaining and Education

for cover crops and Conservation Drainage stakeholders


Greater Outreach and Success Through Unified Messaging 

The Conservation Systems Best Practices Training project aims to positively change the skillsets and attitudes of professional agronomists, farmers, and agricultural students to accelerate the adoption of agricultural systems that build soil health and reduce nutrient losses.


Partners in the project include Iowa Learning Farms, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Practical Farmers of Iowa, the Iowa Soybean Association, the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

Project Objectives

  • Develop and utilize a Conservation Systems Best Practices Manual that articulates unified messages on conservation practices that improve water quality and soil health.
  • Provide training for farmers, agronomists, extension specialists, NRCS and partner staff, Technical Service Providers, and watershed coordinators.
  • Provide education on principles of soil health to college and high school ag students and teachers.
  • Create and deploy watershed-based Conservation Case Study training kits. 

Engagement Strategies

  1. Webinars
  2. Training at ag retail events
  3. Presentations at Integrated Crop Management conference
  4. ISU Extension and Outreach ag retail training events
  5. Cover crops boot camp
  6. Crop Advantage Series
  7. Watershed Academy
  8. Field Days/workshops
  9. Curriculum development