Steve Hershner

Member, Strategy Working Group 

In his position as Utilities Director, Steve Hershner is focused on the delivery of water, wastewater, and solid waste services to City of Cedar Rapids customers and industries. In various capacities, he has participated as a representative for municipal wastewater treatment or point sources during several statewide initiatives, most recently during development of the State of Iowa’s Point Source Nutrient Reduction Strategy. Hershner earned his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University. In addition to his professional activities, he has served in a number of different leadership positions for several non-profit organizations.

 City of Cedar Rapids, Protecting Water Quality

Many agencies are responsible for measuring and evaluating the quality of water resources in the United States. The Iowa Geological Survey Bureau (IGSB) and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources collect  and analyze water quality sampling data from across the state. Volunteers also play a large role in providing state agencies with water quality samples. On a national level the United States Geological Survey Bureau collects and reports water quality sampling data for many streams and rivers throughout the U.S.

On a local level the City of Cedar Rapids Utilities Department – Water Division, Iowa Geological Survey Bureau, and Coe College have partnered together to conduct water quality sampling on several small watersheds immediately upstream of Cedar Rapids. All of this information helps us assess the quality of water resources across this state and nation.

Visit here for more information on what the City of Cedar Rapids is doing for water quality.