Shane Wulf

Core Team, Conservation Drainage Working Group 

Shane Wulf is the Water Quality Initiative (WQI) Edge of Field Coordinator for the Iowa Department of Land and Stewardship (IDALS). Through Iowa's WQI and a recently awarded grant from EPA, Wulf works with stakeholders in priority watersheds across the state to increase the pace and scale of edge of field practice adoption. He acknowledges that both public and private partnerships are key to his work, including those with Conservation Districts of Iowa, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service-Iowa, and the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance.  

While studying geology and environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Wulf became aware of environmental challenges related to water quality and quantity in the Midwest. After graduating in December of 2013, Wulf served as Watershed Coordinator for the Miller Creek Water Quality Improvement Project in Black Hawk and Tama counties until September 2018. During his time with the Miller Creek Project, Wulf worked with landowners and producers to incorporate conservation practices like no-till, cover crops, saturated buffers, and bioreactors into their operations.