Matt Lechtenberg

Co-Lead, Strategy Working Group and Core Team, Conservation Drainage Working Group 

Matt Lechtenberg has been the Water Quality Coordinator for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship since 2013.  In this role, Lechtenberg leads the implementation of the Iowa Water Quality Initiative (WQI).  The Initiative was established in 2013 to help implement the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy, which is a science and technology-based approach to achieving a 45 percent reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus losses to Iowa waters and the Gulf of Mexico. 

The Initiative seeks to harness the collective ability of both private and public resources and organizations to deliver a clear and consistent message to stakeholders to reduce nutrient loss and improve water quality.

Lechtenberg previously coordinated the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) for the Department, which supports the construction of targeted nitrate removal wetlands. He was also responsible for the Integrated Farm and Livestock Management fund, which provides funding for research and demonstration projects for farmers to make informed decisions on implementing conservation practices.