Adam Schnieders

Member, Strategy Working Group

Adam Schnieders has worked in various roles for water quality programs within the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the past 18 years, including coordinating the state’s water quality standards efforts, and serving as the NPDES program supervisor. Schnieders was a leader in the development of Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy that brings point and nonpoint source sectors together in a common statewide plan to reduce nutrients in Iowa’s waters and those of its downstream neighbors. Schnieders now serves as Water Quality Resource Coordinator, which involves working across Iowa state government to affect improved water quality, especially in the area of nutrient reduction. Schnieders plays an active role in a number of workgroups, including the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Taskforce, the EPA/state Nutrient Working Group, and began serving as Co-Chair of the Association of Clean Water Administrators Nutrients Policy Committee in 2014 and Chair of the Water Quality Executive Committee for the Upper Mississippi River Basin Association in 2017.